The Living Legends – Damn It Feels Good

Ya’ll all that I got and I know it’s cliché
Life love light liberty logically

It’s a penny for your thought now
If my song works your soul then that really means a lot
I’m tryin’ to reach great
[Aesop:] We makin’ this rappin’ sound like the last jam right
But it’s still good to see the Sayers saying it’s in the music
The righteous kid a mike instead
Some tense individuals build a fence around the ritual

Tryin’ to bring about a change and fuck that I did
Go with the one fused or power the drum and choose
Make a million in a minute off of getting caught
Still ignorance fills the minds of the blind
Vision quest who paid the price
I fast for clarity share with me odds get
With the truth that is this is proof I is
By-pass the ladder and gather among gods
Monsters in the fight against what’s really right
They gave their life it was their turn
Help you thru a shitty spot
A clear focus with a harsh intent
Different how we think might you agree
[Murs:] Damn it feels good to see people up on it
Travelin’ the globe tryin’ to make your city hot
Who came in light the way the burn
Height you will see in my spit I invite you to be
Life thru the existence of man
Instill intelligent thoughts in a pill to be swallowed at will
[Intro: Murs]
Live with me methodically raise up your prodigy
Night breeds evil though not all people are
I don’t know what you took us for

[Aesop:] But keeping it focused so folks can all shine bright
Stuck behind waiting in line to find some substance
The hype is dead but like they said
Will man survive this knowledge of skill
Eventually kill all means of relative thinking of the light
With they’re mouths open choked up over my ink you flinch
Life can’t weigh me down I’m above my opponents
Mind is full but maybe partial
Styles ain’t shit when they thought
Just another human being jam packed full of thoughts
And then reach out into the next plane
One of few rappers really speaking to these kids
’cause there’s always room to grow
Overcome we show it the sun exudes
That this was all about criiiime
I keep it crackin’ like the pops in a hit
We had to learn to mourn their death
Of those unwilling to watch the land of the slaves
Save me from the pain aim hustle we’ll
This eternal plan to put power in the hands
[The Grouch:] Damn it feels good to see people up on it
(Yeah) Damn it feels good to see people up on it
You follow thru like the swing of a fist
P-I-M-P mind is empty B-I tempt me
Of life never exciting the might which will
Hoping that my struggles and my efforts weren’t in vain

To fight to live we might just give
Living legends
Damn it feels good
[Bicasso:] Makin’ this rappin’ feel like a last jam right
Shoot the shit to make the whole world blink
[Bicasso:] But keeping it focused so folks can all shine bright
Some say my approach is wild
Hard up on my rock now I’m bumpin’ Iggy Pop
But we gonna take it and split and be cool with it
I’m on it next like the record skips
Don’t gotta be that way your way is art done
We nudge you on like the jab of a elbow
Stuck in the dark without no sight

[Murs:] Life can’t weigh me down I’m above my opponents
As real as you are is as real as it gets
It’s like rebirth ignite the rest
The role makes song to prolong the motion of the movement
But your love and respect help me thru each day
I can only be as perfect as this culture I exalt
Connections made like a kick in the ass

Obey their master’s will though those whom choose will
I squint and blink yo
Hope these words mean more to you with each play
Operation maintain muscle built
It ought to be that way that way’s a smart one
You’re off the richter like the legend rips
[The Grouch:]

Not up on the jock just up in the spot
Flirt with the future like moths do flames
They’re right I never been tamed
I aim like one eye closed good eye open