Andrew Kazamia Reunites with Minna Aaltonen on London’s Burning Drama Broadcast


That’s certainly the case for the members of the brigade, who are part of the Blue Watch at the Blackwall fire station, on the popular British television drama series, ‘London’s Burning.’
The long-running show, which is based on the 1986 TV movie of the same name, originally aired on the ITV network. A scene from the British television drama series, ‘London’s Burning.’
Protecting the lives of the people they love, as well as their entire community, is a powerful motivator for the firefighters of the London Fire Brigade. It can be watched live, or recorded and watched at a later time. FilmOn is a popular streaming service that enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies and music videos in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues.Facebook Comments Episode 3 of Series 10 of ‘London’s Burning,’ follows Nick (Andrew Kazamia) as he’s reunited with Marianne (Minna Aaltonen) on an exchange trip to Holland. The latest episode to air on Filmon can be streamed today at 9:20am-10:20am local time. Repeats of the hit series are currently airing on the Drama channel on Filmon TV. Meanwhile, Blue Watch are called to a blaze at a fire station.


Published on June 2, 2020