Exclusive: Second Installment of Avail TV’s Strange Files Premiering Tomorrow, July 10



Published on July 9, 2020

Each file is strange. ‘Sustisimo Nivel’ will be joined by the series’ fourth episode, ‘Prey By Night,’ which was directed by Anthony Piseno. It has revealed the following synopsis for ‘Strange Files,’ which was executive produced by Michael S. So a psychologist sets out to help her unveil the assailant.Summary It follows a gamer who stumbles upon a video game that plays for keeps. It follows Nancy as her life is turned upside down after she is surrounded by mysterious murders. Each file is chilling. Rodriguez:
Join host Sparkle Soojian as she examines cases of the eerie and unexplained after hours on the ‘Strange Files,’ a new anthology series brought to you by the director of ‘Last American Horror Show.’ Each file is different. The third episode of the sci-fi, ‘Twilight Zone’-themed show is titled ‘Sustisimo Nivel,’ which was directed by Ricardo Vasquez. The poster for Avail TV’s horror television series, ‘Strange Files.’

The poster for the ‘Sustisimo Nivel’ episode of Avail TV’s horror television series, ‘Strange Files.’

The poster for the ‘Prey at Night’ episode of Avail TV’s horror television series, ‘Strange Files.’

Enter the world of the unexplained with Sparkle Soojian on her upcoming horror television series, ‘Strange Files.’ ShockYa is joining the TV host in the land of the eerie, as we’re exclusively announcing that the mystery anthology show is set to premiere its second installment, which consists of the third and fourth episodes, on Avail TV tonight at midnight ET. The Avail TV channel is available to download for free on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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