Michael Winslow Encourages Aaron Jackson to Get Through Today in Todd Exclusive Clip



In addition to Winslow and Jackson, the film also stars Hans Hernke and Laura Stetman. ‘Todd’ follows the title character (Hernke), who has always felt like the odd man out. From a young age, Todd is shunned and ridiculed by his peers. Jake advises Richard, who he’s known for 12 years, that if he takes things one day at a time, things will work themself out. Miller.’ In the clip, Richard visits Jake on his way home from work. (L-R): Actors Michael Winslow and Aaron Jackson appear in ShockYa’s exclusive clip from co-writer-director-producer Aaron Warren’s horror mystery thriller, ‘Todd,’ which is titled ‘Jake and Dr Miller.’
Actor Michael Winslow is advising his co-star, Aaron Jackson to get through today in order to help ease his sense of restlessness with his wife and teenage daughter in the upcoming horror film, ‘Todd.’ Winslow’s character, Jake, is helping Jackson’s character, Dr. He not only sets his sites on an aspiring young actress, but also on his psychiatrist and the doctor’s family, too. Over time, his pain and anger turn into rage and despair. In honor of the movie’s distribution, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘Jake and Dr. When psychoanalysis and depression drugs don’t work, the young eccentric becomes a morbid introvert, and withdraws from society during a downward spiral to insanity. Richard Miller, cope with his feelings of unease, especially around his family, in the mystery thriller, which is set to be released on DVD and Digital on March 16 by BayView Entertainment and Shoreline Entertainment. Aaron Warren directed and produced the drama, which he also co-wrote with James Catizone. For more information on ‘Todd,’ visit the thriller’s official website, as well as itsInstagram and Facebook pages. While he has a drink, the doctor shares with the bartender how he’s not only feeling inadequate with his work, but he also believes that his wife and their daughter haven’t been understanding him lately.

Published on March 2, 2021