Producer Mem Ferda’s ‘Severed Silence’ is Tale of Foredoomed Familial Fatality

Producers: Mem Ferda, Kathryn Michelle and Izabela Vidovic. Release Date: TBA
Directors/writers: Kathryn Michelle, Elizabeta Vidovic.

Published on March 24, 2021

A must-see for those partial to a psychological thriller, Severed Silence sees Hana struggle to decipher who among her own is working against her, and how to prevent the preordained annihilation of her family. Speaking with, Ferda reflected on the feature sharing: ‘Severed Silence challenges the complex topics of pitiless revenge, disloyalty, and family mysteries.’
Currently in post-production, Severed Silence is set to release in early 2021. After two decades of its suppression, the curse is released when Hana is acquainted with an estranged family member, forcing her to kill or be killed. The vacillating plotline follows protagonist Hana, a young woman foredoomed to a tragic fate as a result of a malevolent curse placed upon her bloodline. ‘The Exhumation of a Curse’

British Producer Mem Ferda and the women of Almost Normal Productions are a force to be reckoned with in the relentlessly chilling Severed Silence. Stay up to date at

Cast: Izabela Vidovic, Melora Walters, Goran Visnjic, Yancy Butler, Maiara Walsh, Brianna Joy Chomer.Facebook Comments