Actress Charlotte Kirk Must Contend with The Reckoning in Horror Film’s DVD Giveaway

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Published on March 25, 2021

In honor of ‘The Reckoning’s DVD and Blu-ray distribution, ShockYa is offering two lucky winners a DVD of the historical drama. ‘The Reckoning’ follows Grace during the aftermath of losing her husband during the Great Plague. The discs will include deleted scenes as a bonus feature. That conflict becomes even more challenging when they’re left to battle the Devil himself. On April 6, we’ll pick the winners at random, and notify them through email. You have until April 6, the day of the action movie’s release, to enter, and you can enter the contest once daily. The drama was directed by Neil Marshall (‘The Descent,’ ‘Dog Soldiers,’ ‘Doomsday’). The helmer also co-scribed the feature with Kirk, who made her feature screenwriting debut with the script, and Edward Evers-Swindell. Good luck! The DVD will be sold for an SRP of $27.97, and the Blu-ray will retail for an SRP of $28.96. Let us know that you’re entering to win the ‘The Reckoning’ DVD giveaway in the email’s subject line, and include your mailing address in the message. To make matters worse, she’s unjustly accused of being a witch, and is placed in the custody of England’s most ruthless witch-hunter, Judge Moorcroft (Pertwee). Actress Charlotte Kirk’s character of Grace Haverstock is discovering that important lesson the hard way in the new horror movie, ‘The Reckoning.’
RLJE Films is set to distribute the feature on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, April 6, following its theatrical, VOD and Digital release last month. To enter, email us at The DVD Cover for co-writer-director-executive producer Neil Marshall’s action-horror film, ‘The Reckoning.’
People often struggle with their own inner demons as they try to find solace in the world. In addition to Kirk, the film also stars, Joe Anderson (‘Across the Universe,’ ‘The Crazies’), Steven Waddington (‘The Imitation Game,’ ‘The Tudors’) and Sean Pertwee (‘Dog Soldiers,’ ‘Equilibrium’). Forced to endure physical and emotional torture while steadfastly maintaining her innocence, Grace must face her own inner demons as the Devil himself starts to work his way into her mind. Marshall and Kirk also served as executive producers on the movie.

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