Hunter – Run Lyrics

Char Hunter)
1.) You’re a little deseased, to think you’re easy on me. RUN. Your future will tell you, that I really outgrew,
your cruel ways, and the games you play. Ch.) Well you can run, and run, and run some more,
run away out my back door. Just looking ahead, and moving on up,
I know that time will fill my cup. What kind of man, has his torture pre-planned,
you know what to do, ’cause I’m through with you. (c. 2.) I’m starting anew, and that means leaving you,
way back where I was, when we used to be two. I don’t wanna see your face no more,
’cause I’ve got to say, I’ve evened the score. 3.) This heart of mine, will find out in due time,
what love really is, and just what I missed. I tried so hard, to make you see.