Musician Becky Raisman is Ready For Summertime Sugar with Release of New Single


Published on March 28, 2021

She also studied with several voice teachers, including Tamara Anderson, Jeffrey Morrow and Randy Buescher. After moving to south Carolina in 2018, she continued keyboard lessons at Lowcountry Music Lessons, and she’s now studying at Bach to Rock music school. Raisman also took lessons at School of Rock in Libertyville, Illinois for keyboard. Her recording sessions come after she performed at open mics and competed in singing contests at bars and restaurants, as well as online. Raisman, who has recorded at Omnisound studios in Nashville, as well as sound studios in Charleston, is also set to record new tracks in Memphis in May. Becky Raisman · Vocal-Tuning-preview-for-summertime-sugar-PgAI (1).mp3
Singer-songwriter-keyboard player, Becky Raisman has released a new single, ‘Summertime Sugar.’
Up-and-coming musician, Becky Raisman is gearing up for the next phase in her life with the upcoming release of her new single, ‘Summertime Sugar.’ The singer-songwriter, who moved to Charleston, South Carolina three years ago from the Chicago area as she pursue her career, and has found success as she prepares to unveil her latest song. For more information on Raisman, visit her SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.Summary The musician’s career comes after she graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2007.